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Who We Are

Who is your Periodontist?

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Your dentist has referred you to Dr. Matthew M. Abramson, a Specialist in Periodontics. With extensive training in dentistry, he can help you with several kinds of dental problems.

Dr. Abramson will diagnose and provide treatment for periodontal disease, (a gum disease that causes the loss of supporting bone for teeth, contributes to bad breath, and is the primary reason for tooth loss).

Dr. Abramson can help correct COSMETIC DENTAL PROBLEMS such as receding gums, or teeth that are too long or too short.

Dr. Abramson works as a partner with your dentist to replace missing teeth. He can place the DENTAL IMPLANTS to which your dentist will attach teeth replacements.

Your dentist is considering your best interest and demonstrating a true commitment to optimal dental health by referring you to an experienced, caring Periodontal Specialist.

Periodontic Education

The extensive training to become a PERIODONTIST requires a College Bachelor Degree, four years of graduate study in Dental School, followed by a minimum of three years of intensive study and clinical training in a Periodontic Residency Program.

The Periodontic Office

The team of professionals at PerioPartner helps patients obtain healthy teeth and gums, improve the cosmetics of their smile, eliminate breath odor, and replace missing teeth with dental implants. Dr. Matthew Abramson works closely with your dentist, orthodontist, endodontist, prosthodontist and other dental or medical professionals. PerioPartner is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental implant and periodontal care to all our patients.