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Single Tooth Implant - Clinical Case

Below is an example of a single tooth replacement, using an implant. The bone support was adequate both in height and width, and in this case only a "cookie cutter" punch was made in the gum to access the bone. When only this minimal access is needed, there is virtually no post-operative discomfort with implant placement. Here the implant was not submerged during placement, and a healing cap was placed to keep the gum from covering over the implant. This approach is often possible with sufficient bone support, and negates the necessity of a secondary surgical procedure to expose the implant.

Single missing tooth to be replaced with implant supported crown

Small punch is made in gum, revealing adequate bone width for implant

Drill at crest of bone, preparing to drill a hole that will receive the implant

Hole prepared in bone. Notice markings on drill to determine depth of hole.

Implant with carrier resting on plastic handle and ready for insertion

Implant/carrier being placed into the prepared hole

Implant and carrier in place

Carrier removed, and implant seated flush with crest of bone

Healing cap screwed into implant, to keep gum from closing over implant during healing

Side view of healing cap

Final crown placed on implant