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Irregular Gum Levels Clinical Case

Regardless of the beauty of the crowns or veneers, unless the gum line is contoured in a pleasing manner, the esthetic results will be poor. Scalloping the gum to a pleasing form is generally very easy for the patient, with minimal post-operative discomfort. The general dentist should wait for 8-10 weeks before the final crowns are completed, to ensure the gum has healed to its final level. If the patient feels the teeth look too long during the healing phase, temporary crowns can be made.

Pre-operative view. Note short
teeth and irregular gum contour

Desired shape of tissue
determined on model
of patient's teeth.


Desired tooth form is waxed
on model, and a
plastic stent made

Plastic stent placed over teeth
prior to surgery as a guide.


Tissue recontoured to desired
position and sutured in place

Stent placed after scalloping to
confirm proper contouring.


Post-op tissue healing

Final restorations in place.